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Signature 14K Gold Encircled Hermes Winged Foot Charm


Talaria, or winged sandals, are the ancient symbol for messengers. Hermes, the Greek god of sports, is symbolized through the runner's winged foot. He was also the god of poetry and trickery since he was known as a witty and quick thinker, always on his feet. The flying feet are also representative of flight and freedom; wearing this charm reminds us of the possibilities of imagination.

This 14 karat yellow gold charm is a symbol of the Roman god Mercury, the Greek Hermes, and has similarities to the iconic winged foot of the New York Athletic Club. There are many interpretations to be found as this symbol has a long history all over the world. The charm is an original signature piece, inspired from the Victorian age symbolic language and reinterpreted into this contemporary charm.

The gold work is excellent with nice detail on the rendering of the wings. There is  bright cut detailing along the white gold outer ring, which gives nice texture to the design. The foot is made from 14k yellow gold and there is a jump ring bail at the top with an opening that measures 4 mm. The arched foot has a simple and classic design; the charm carries a timeless and powerful story.  This signature charm is a delicate and small piece for everyday wear.

It makes a perfect gift for the orator in your life, for an aspiring athlete, or even a witty friend. The charm measures 3/4 of an inch and weighs approximately 1.6 grams. This 14 karat charm is ready to hang on the chain or charm bracelet of your choice. The winged foot charm is a great unisex gift. The chain pictured here does not come with the charm but we have many available in our store.

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