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Scottish Terrier Sterling Silver Reverse Hand-Painted Essex Crystal CuffLinks


These adorable Scottish terrier dog cufflinks are a vintage must have! They are made on reverse hand-painted, carved crystal cabochons, mounted onto sterling silver backs. This style of hand-made miniature painting jewelry work on crystals became popular in the Victorian era and was known as Essex Crystal Jewelry. It was truly one of the most unique types of Victorian era jewelry. The flat part of the crystal cabochon is carved with the desired drawing and afterwards the carved-out design is painted so that it seems to float. Its a truly special and laborious technique.

Most Essex crystal designs included animals, flowers, or nautical themes. The cabochons measure approximately 1/2 inch each and the crystals are in great condition. The hand-painting shows a lot of attention to detail; the grass is realistically rendered, as well as dog hair and collar. The animal is represented in bold colors. These little dog cufflinks are not to be missed!

In great vintage condition, circa 1930. Together the sterling silver cufflinks weigh 8.8 grams.

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