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Satin Finished 14k & Cobalt Mokune Gane Titanium Ring


This sleek and modern satin finished 6mm wide titanium domed band features a beautiful 2.5 mm Mokune gane inlay made with 14k gold and a cobalt colorant. "Mokume gane" translates to "wood grain metal” and is a unique Japanese metalworking process that layers different metals to form a sandwich of alloys called a "billet”. This results in a unique pattern that resembles wood grain.

This ring is a size 10 and it weighs 3.5 grams. It’s marked “Lashbrook” (maker’s mark), “Ti” (titanium), “M 14k” (14k white gold) and “S H” (cobalt). It has an elegant design and holds up well to everyday use. It would make a great wedding band.

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