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Samuel Jacob Sterling Silver Evening Bag or Purse, circa 1900 London


This sterling silver mounted purse or evening bag is by English silversmith Samuel Jacob, circa 1900. The beautiful black velvet bag is suspended from a sterling silver chain with a butterfly-shaped chatelaine clip, originally used to clip the purse to the waist. The oval mount has an image of couples dancing a formal dance in an outdoor setting, underneath the trees. 

The purse clips shut at the top. It is in excellent condition for its age, with the hinge and clasp in good working order. The black velvet is original to the bag, and shows subtle wear around the seams. The interior silk lining shows wear, as the fabric has disintegrated with age in some places. The piece is lovely and festive, and evokes the elegance of the Victorian era. 

The piece is fully hallmarked for the London silversmith Samuel Jacobs, with the date mark for 1900. Samuel Jacobs was well known for his quality work. The purse measures 4 1/2” x 4 1/4” and the chain extends above it an addition 3 1/2”. 

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