Kirsten's Corner

Ruby and Pearl 14K Gold Victorian Knife Edge Bracelet


The centerpiece of this charming bracelet was most likely once a brooch, converted at some point into a stylish bangle. It contains six round half pearls and five oval-shaped cabochon rubies, prong-set into an alternating pattern, that has been beautifully incorporated into a knife edge bracelet. Each end of the bar culminates in triangular points, which marry into the knife edge for a clean and sophisticated look. The 14k gold bangle has a safety clasp to hold the bracelet securely on your wrist.

Inclusions in the rubies indicate that they are natural. The rubies range from about 3.6x3mm to 3.4x3mm, and equal approximately one carat in total. The round pearls range from about 4.25mm to 1.6mm. The bracelet weighs 13.5 grams and measures as 6 5/8 inches.

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