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Rindskopf Glass Vase with Sterling Silver Overlay, circa 1900

This is a gorgeous Rindskopf art glass vase, circa 1900.

This art glass vase by Rindskopf and Sons features a pink iridescent swirl design and a sterling silver overlay that covers the top rim and scales down the neck of the vase. The piece is clearly marked “STERLING” in the silver design on the neck of the vase. The silver depicts a leaf design that compliments the pink glass beautifully. In low light this piece appears a baby pink, while in direct light this vase sparkles and shimmers with hues of gold, purple, pink and even green. This lovely vase is approximately 6 inches tall, has an approximate base of 3 inches, and an approximate circumference of 10 inches. This piece the perfect cabinet height, it would look beautiful displayed alongside the rest of your art glass or antique collection. This piece is unsigned, typical of Rindskopf pieces from this era. This early 20th Century piece was made in 1900. This piece is in excellent condition, free from cracks, chips, and flea bites.

This would make an unforgettable gift or fabulous addition to your glass collection!

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