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Retro Cartier 14K Yellow and Rose Gold Pyramid Dress Clips


These 14k gold Cartier dress clips are a classic Retro pyramid design. The clips consist of half-circles of yellow and rose gold in four alternating bands—a perfect example of the streamlined and machinelike motifs seen during the Industrial Revolution that influenced retro designs. The backs of the clips contain sturdy pins that open up as clips and are strong enough to pierce thick fabric. The clips can be used for their original purpose, or for a contemporary look, worn as a pendant on a thick chain. 

Dress clips came into fashion in the 1920’s and were extremely popular until they were replaced by the singular brooch of the 1950’s. During their heyday, dress clips were an essential jewelry staple among women, who were influenced by the movie stars and fashion icons they saw on the big screen. They were worn in pairs along the neckline or straps of a dress, or could be used to clip furs and to keep other accessories in place. 

The clips are marked with “Cartier” and “14K” and are numbered. They measure approximately 1.5” x .75”. Combined, they weigh 13 grams. 

The pair can be worn as clips, brooches, or as a pendant facing multiple directions. Pictured here on a Vintage 14K Gold Omega Necklace, available in our shop. 

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