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Retro 14K Gold Diamond and Ruby Buckle Ring


The buckle ring has been seen in jewelry since the Victorian era, symbolizing unending love. This 14k rose gold pinky ring features a retro version of the motif—with a streamline design that brings to mind the era of Cadillac cars and luxury train travel. Eleven table cut square natural rubies create the rectangular buckle; six round brilliant cut diamonds are set in white gold and cascade through the center of the buckle, offsetting the warm tones of the ring with a cool line. When viewed from the side, the profile of the diamond setting is elevated as it integrates into the buckle. The rose gold and rubies compliment each other beautifully in this sweet, retro pinky ring. 

The six diamonds are G-H in color and VS2-SL1 in clarity. They are round, brilliant and range in size from 3.5 mm to 3 mm. Total diamond weight is .8 of a carat. The eleven rubies are natural (they have minor visible inclusions when looked at under a loop), table cut, and measure 2mm each. Total ruby weight is .6 of a carat. 

The rings weighs 4.85 grams. The ruby buckle measures approximately 1/2” x 5/8”. 

Ring size 4.5. Circa 1940. 

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