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18K Gold Hand-Engraved Enamel Signet Ring with Symmetrical Design


This elegant and bold 18 karat gold ring features elaborate hand-engraved and carved rhythmic curling motifs that create a symmetrical pattern. The decorative elements cover the flat top of the band and continue over to the sides in a more restrained manner, the side engraving curling motifs have been slightly worn due to the wear and age of this gold ring. The gentle wear makes the ring overall very soft to the touch, and comfortable to wear. Additionally, the solid 32 grams of 18 karat yellow gold give this ring a nice feeling of substance. What makes this ring very unique is the script design that has symmetrical or mirror play, in the form of hand painted and inlaid enamel-work in black and green. A simple swooshing line creates a distinct design and enigma, which perhaps carries some symbolic meaning with in the Arabic pictorial abstract system. The black and green enamel are in excellent condition. This is a high quality ring, of bold design, and highly mysterious. It has been acid tested to 18 karats of yellow gold. The ring dates to the early 1900s. A collector's find! Perfect unisex item. It is a size 7.5 and could be sized to make larger. 

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