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Edwardian Platinum Old European and Rose Cut Diamond Dangle Earrings


Edwardian earrings that dangle from a pear shaped top that holds two diamonds, a beautiful flower contains Old European Cut and Rose Cut diamonds. The two elements are connected by a diamond encrusted suspension link. The diamonds in the flower are Dutch Rose cut, thus they have flat backs, and have been placed in a backless setting that allows the light to shine through—creating a watery effect that is stunning. It is as if raindrops have been captured in place. 

Within the flowers, there are eight Dutch Rose Cut diamonds in each earring. The Rose Cuts are almost petal shaped, implying that each diamond was cut specifically for this design. They are near colorless for a bright, beautiful sparkle. The diamonds in the flower’s center, the pear shaped top, and the suspension link are Old European cut, gorgeously encrusted and surrounded by milgrain work. The diamonds are G-H in color and range in clarity from VSII to included. On some of the Rose Cuts you can see surface reaching carbon, but overall, the effect is outstanding. 

In total, these earrings contain approximately 2 carats of diamonds. The earrings are made of platinum. 

Circa the Edwardian era. They have screw backs, which are very secure, and original to the earrings. One of the circular post backs was replaced at some point, so the two earrings have slightly different backs that are both variations of a floral design. For pierced ears.

The earrings measure 1 1/2”. The flower dangle is just over 1/2” across and the pear shaped top is 3/16” at its widest point. Combined, they weigh 6 grams. 

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