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Old Mine Cut Diamond Flower Cluster Ring in 14K Gold


This gorgeous early Victorian cluster ring features a bright and sparking Old Mine Cut diamond surrounded by six smaller OMC diamonds. The flower cluster is set in 14k yellow gold. The diamonds are beautiful Old Mine Cuts and are chunky and oblong in shape with high tables and open culets. The central diamond is 4.25mm x 3.5mm with the other six being approximately 3.35mm x 3.7mm. There is about 1 carat of diamonds combined. They are bright and lively and range in color from I/J with VS11 to SL11 in clarity. 

The flower design is an early engagement style used in the Victorian times. It is delicate and organic in nature. The band features some engraved designs that have worn over time. The cut out work opens up the design of the ring and it is a true antique beauty.  It has been tested to be 14K gold and weighs 3.2 grams.  It is a size 6 1/4 and is sizable.  Circa 1850

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