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Mid-Sized Victorian Sterling Silver Vinaigrette With Floral Motif


This vinaigrette from 1892 makes a wonderful pendant today. This mid-sized rectangular vinaigrette was once used to carry around a pleasing personal scent, as a pick-me-up, or to cover unwanted smells. This locket-pendant has undulating scalloped edges and a bright cut floral decoration resembling the curled ornamentation of a fern on both the top and bottom of the piece. The front has a cartouche elegantly monogramed with the letters "D" and "J".

Pierced scrolling foliate decorates the grille of the vinaigrette, and this opens up, revealing the space where once a sponge was kept. Today one can replace the sponge with lavender, essential oils, or a small item of your choice. The grille has a gold wash along the interior, which is luminous and catches the eye.

On the inside we find several marks. These include an anchor, which denotes Birmingham as the location of production. There is also a letter S, which is the date mark, and a lion that indicates the piece is made from sterling silver. Lastly, there is an C & C, the maker's mark, designating Colen Cheshire as the manufacturer.

The pendant measures approximately 1 1/5 of an inch by 1 1/8 of an inch when closed, and is 3/8 of an inch deep. This small rectangular vinaigrette is a curious antique, a great conversation starter and a unique item, but it also makes a wonderful decorative pendant or locket. It is ready to hang on a chain of your choice. We have many chains available through Kirsten's Corner should you need one.

The vinaigrette weighs 23.5 grams. It is a suitable unisex item, and while it is in great condition for its age, it does have a small split in the seam. It opens and closes without a problem.

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