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14K Gold Micro Mosaic Ring of Coliseum with Halo


This micro mosaic is from the 1870’s or 80's and is in excellent condition for its age. The tablet is set with a beautiful halo of tiny silver alloy faceted pieces made to emulate diamonds around it. It measures 17.5 mm x 20 mm. The metal faceted gems are set in a low grade gold, from the backside you can see the labor that went into crafting this surround. The micro mosaic of the Coliseum was made using a painstaking technique that involves creating an image out of small pieces of opaque enamel glass called tesserae. The tiny mosaics were first developed in the second half of the 18th century by the Vatican Mosaic Workshop. By the 19th century, numerous independent studios devoted to the production of these small keepsakes were established to meet travelers’ demands for souvenirs during the Grand Tour. The split shank in 14 karat gold completes the ring. 

There is a collection of these rings with various subject matter available on Kirsten's Corner as part of our Signature Collection. Size 6.25 weighs 4.7 grams.

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