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Margot de Taxco Zodiac Sterling Silver Cancer Pendant Medallion


Margot de Taxco sterling silver astrological zodiac pieces are bold, stylistic, and streamlined.  Margot designed the Zodiac signs in several different series in the 1950s including this round solid sterling silver set.  This pendant depicts the Zodiac sign Cancer, the crab, for those born from June 21 to July 22.

Margot von Voorhies Carr, commonly referred to as Margot de Taxco, is a designer known for her high quality sterling silver jewelry. The American-born Margot left San Francisco for Mexico City in 1937. It was there she met and befriended Antonio Castillo with whom she traveled to Taxco; the Mexican city known for its design, crafting, and production of silver jewelry, flatware, and objects. Castillo would later become her second husband . Eventually she established her own tallier in 1948 and is known for her fantastic enameled pieces. She is an important part of the Taxco jewelry movement. Margot's work was heavily influenced by Japanese art, Pre-Columbian pieces, Mexican design as well as the Art Deco movement. 

Stamp Mark/Maker's Mark: Pendant- Sterling Made in Mexico, Margot De Taxco, 5232 and the eagle stamp.  It measures 1 5/8” in diameter and weighs 22.8 grams. Circa 1950.

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