Kirsten's Corner

Loetz Tango Vase, circa 1914

This is a wonderful Loetz (Lötz) art glass vase. The Loetz company was founded by Loetz Klostermuehle of Bohemia, the modern day Czech Republic. This charming vase would be the perfect addition to your glass collection!

This décor style, or pattern, is known as Tango and was designed by Michael Powolny. This pattern featured orange glass with vertical black cane detail. This piece is unmarked, typical of Loetz pieces. This lovely vase is approximately 7 1/2 inches tall, has an approximate diameter of 3 inches, and a circumference of 9 inches at its widest point. This early 20th century vase was made in 1914. This piece is in excellent condition and is free from cracks, chips, and flea bites.

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