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Late Georgian Pinchbeck Quizzing Glass


This is a fantastic pinchbeck quizzing glass from the late Georgian era. It features an infinity love-knot design, made with two separate parts of pinchbeck metal that wrap into a knot. There are sections of etching throughout the design that give the piece nice texture. It also has its original beveled glass that is fully functional.

Quizzing glasses first appeared in the late 18th century and were just as fashionable as they were functional. They were considered jewelry, made out of gold, pinchbeck, sterling silver, and other base metals. These pieces would be worn around the neck, hung on a ribbon or gold chain by both men and women.

This particular quizzing glass is unique in that it’s made from pinchbeck, a rare metal alloy. Pinchbeck was invented by the London clockmaker, Christopher Pinchbeck, in the 18th Century. Pinchbeck was a popular jewelry metal, though rare to find, given the inventor was the only person who knew its makeup. Georgian pinchbeck jewelry, like this quizzing glass, continue to be a rare and highly collectible jewelry item. 

This piece is in great antique condition, measuring approximately 3 3/4" long, from the handle to the edge of the frame. It weighs approximately 8.1 grams.

It's a rare collectible and a wonderful conversation piece! Perfect as a unisex gift, this versatile piece of jewelry would make a wonderful present or addition to your antique collection!

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