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Krementz 14K Rose & Yellow Gold & Sapphire Cufflinks


A seductive pair of Krementz 14KT rose and yellow gold cufflinks with sapphire gemstone accents. These cufflinks are signed by the maker Krementz, a jewelry company from New Jersey that was known for its innovative designs for men, particularly during the Art Nouveau period. What's curious about Krementz was that they began as a small company making items solely for men, so the pieces they have are quite special. Their pieces were made with sensitivity but have a masculine touch. These cufflinks are made of two interlocking rings, one yellow and one rose, with a blue sapphire bullet cabochon that measures 1/8 of an inch at center. The interlocking rings measure 3/4 of an inch together. The back links are made of a yellow gold rod that have a sapphire cabochon at either end also. Krementz has the maker's mark on the back of the link. Together the cufflinks weigh 7.3 grams. They date to 1900.

The sapphire gemstone is associated with royalty and wisdom. It is also the birthstone for September. This item makes a very romantic gift, with the eternal knot symbol at its center. It is a great piece of functional jewelry and a wonderful gift for the man in your life.

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