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King Agrippa I Ancient Coin Earrings Set in 14K Gold


These 14k gold earrings feature ancient coins that were minted in Jerusalem in 42 A.D.  The coins were minted during the reign of Herod Agrippa I—the grandson of Harod the Great—who ruled over the entire country of Israel and Northern Transjordan. The face of the coin has three branches of wheat, representing the third generation of the Herodian dynasty. The beauty of having two coins together as a pair of earrings is that you can see the variations in how each coin was struck. (One coin is centered, the other is bit off center.) It’s fascinating that ancient coins are each unique, as they were struck by hand. The coins have mosslike patina that makes the images stand out as dark metallic against a rust colored background. The reverse side of the coin is visible through the setting and shows a bit of the fringe umbrella image found on the backs of these coins. 

The coins are bezel set into a 14k gold setting. The back of the setting contains a wide bar that holds the coin securely in place and allows for an earring post. Nice, large 14k gold earring backs stabilize the earrings in the ear. 

Combined, the earrings wear 11.5 grams. Each earring measures 3/4” across. Marked on the earrings and the earring backs as 14k. 

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