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Indian 22K Gold Enamel and Blue Quartz Ring


Made with a traditional Indian flower motif, this 22k gold ring has beautiful blue enamel patterns that wrap around the ring band. In its center is a sunburst containing an emerald cut foil-backed blue quartz. On the bottom of the band is a 4-petal flower medallion that completes the motif. 

While the ring’s metal is 22k gold, the ring was made with a traditional Indian jewelry-making technique that uses lac as the core of the band. Lac is a gummy like substance obtained from an insect found in the jungles of India and Thailand called “kerria lacca”. The lac is melted with limestone to create a strong, doughy core. The lac is then covered with gold to make a beautiful piece of jewelry. Although this ring is 22k gold and a substantial size, it has a lighter feel than a solid metal ring would typically have. 

The blue quartz in the ring’s center is an Aegean Sea shade of turquoise. It is backed in gold, which gives the quartz gorgeous visual texture. The stone is set in a rectangular frame that is raised slightly above the band and carved with stunning details. The quartz measures 11.2 x 9 mm. 

This is a bold, statement piece. The ring is oversized, with a 1” width on top and 1/2” width on the bottom. It weighs 15.3 grams and tests as 22k gold with a lac core. 

Made using techniques that have been around for centuries, this ring has the charm of traditional Indian jewelry that has been passed down through the ages. 

Size 8. 

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