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Heart Shaped Sterling Silver Scottish Moss Agate Necklace


A Moss Agate crowned heart is the centerpiece of this sterling silver necklace. Once a pin, we converted it into a necklace by adding a belcher link chain that connects to the crown’s points. The stunning Moss Agate is translucent, revealing the swirling color of the agate. Moss Agate is a special stone known for its green colored filaments that are suggestive of moss. When looked at closely, the filaments in this pendant are as thin and fibrous as plant roots. The heart shaped agate has a steep bezel cut that adds depth and compliments the sterling silver bezel setting. 

This is an Art Deco piece, circa 1920. The crowned heart has been symbolic of many things throughout the centuries. In the 18th century, the Rococo obsession with love transformed the heart motif from protective talismanic meanings to become a symbol of marriage and courtship itself. When paired with the crown (a symbol of loyalty) the crowned heart came to mean “steadfast or faithful love”.

The necklace weighs 7 grams. The pendant is 1 1/4” x 7/8”, and the agate heart is approximate 3/4” x 11/16”. The chain is 16 1/4”. 

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