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Hand Painted Faux Tortoiseshell Laquer Snuff Box

This is a charming hand painted faux tortoiseshell box, circa 1840s-1860s. This piece was originally used as a snuff box. With it's possibility for molding, tortoiseshell was an ideal material for snuff boxes. These soon became luxury items for the upper class. In response to the demand for tortoiseshell at a lower price, people began to replicate tortoiseshell markings through hand painted design. Shortly thereafter, this solution for a poor man's tortoiseshell became very popular and desired. Not only is this piece a beautiful replica, it is incredibly charming in its own right. The lovely craquelure over the finish truly adds to the piece. Despite its age, the box opens well and is in overall very good condition. This piece has an approximate length of 3 inches, an approximate width of 2 inches, and a depth of about 1/2 an inch. This is your chance to own a little piece of history!

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