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Hand Painted Enamel Silver Odalisque Erotica Cigarette Case


This is a stunning 800 silver and enamel cigarette case. Although this erotic piece is without a maker’s mark, it was likely made in Austria some time in the 1880s. The case is marked “800” on the bottom interior lip.

In the 19th century, gentlemen lusted after risqué items such as this cigarette case. This eye-catching antique features a nude woman reclining on a sofa or daybed, surrounded by brightly colored fabric and blooming flowers. This scene is incredibly detailed; there is a burning pot of incense to the left of the woman’s feet, a white fur throw underneath a soft yellow sheet. The green fleur-de-lis wallpaper appears in the background and pops against the rust colored pillow. In the right corner there is a pop of royal blue fabric which blends beautifully with the scene. The woman bears a come hither look as she reclines with breasts bare, her legs together and arms above her head. She wears a blue and gold circular belt around her waist which compliments her soft curves. This piece is nothing short of a work of art.

The enamel scene was crafted by hand—truly the work of a master artisan. The scene is complimented by a charming silver scrolling foliate rim. The case opens with an intriguing bubble lid, also made out of silver. The interior is gilt and has a beautiful gold shine. This cigarette case opens and closes with ease, and is in excellent condition for its age.

The cigarette case is approximately 3 1/2 inches by 3 inches. This piece has an interior depth of approximately 1/4 of an inch. There are two areas where this piece was professional restored by an enameler—one is along the stool where the pot of incense stands, the other is in the bottom right corner. These areas are barely noticeable and are only visible when held under direct light, they do not detract from the beauty of the piece. This cigarette case weighs approximately 150.00 grams.

This stunning piece would make an unforgettable gift or fabulous addition to your antique collection!

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