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Tribal Hand-crafted 800 Silver & Carnelian Uzbekistan Earrings


A completely hand-crafted pair of 800 silver earrings made in the Uzbekistan tradition. This breathtaking pair of earrings have been entirely hand-crafted, and the irregularity is part of the charm of this kind of jewelry. They are composed of several hand-linked parts. a hanging triangle with a carnelian stone at center, and six hanging charms on chains. In Uzbekistan, jewelry is not only a beautiful piece of art-work and ornamentation for the body, it is also considered a magic talisman. These earrings may have been worn as a symbol of good-luck, a display of wealth and even happiness. The carnelian gemstone, in Uzbek “khakik”, was known as the talisman of health and happiness. The carnelian chosen for each piece has a bright orange-red color, and layers of lines. Each oval gemstone measures approximately 1/2 and inch by 3/4 of an inch. The earrings hang a total of 7-1/2 inches, falling nicely next to the neck and perhaps even falling on the shoulder. 

Entirely handcrafted, this unique pair of earrings are a delight to wear. The many fragments that make up the earrings, with authentic bold hooks to hang from the earlobes, are quite unique in their own right. These earrings create a magical sound when worn, which is quite astounding for a piece of jewelry that is so beautiful. These earrings are in perfect vintage condition and date to the 1920's.

Note these earrings are for someone with a large ear hole measuring at least 2mm

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