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Halley’s Comet 14k Rose Gold and Ruby Pendant


This beautiful 14k rose gold and synthetic ruby pendant was converted from an Edwardian stickpin into a stylish pendant. In 1835, Halley’s Comet was seen in the night sky, inspiring a wave of comet-themed jewelry in Victorian fashion. With recent advances in astronomy, people were looking to the sky with new understanding. Because people were able to predict meteorological phenomena for the first time, a comet passing through the sky was the event of the year, and people were commemorating the occasion in jewelry, art, and design. In 1910, Halley’s Comet returned, and celestial themed jewelry resurfaced in popularity. This adorable pendant, with its sparkling synthetic ruby and detailed, scrolling shape, is a relic from the second wave of comet jewelry.

Kirsten’s Corner converted the piece from stickpin to pendant by removing the pin and adding an ample 14k rose gold bail. The bail measures 5.5mm by 8mm, allowing it to be worn on a thicker chain.

The synthetic ruby is 7.1mm and the pendant, including the ruby and bail, measures as 1 3/8”.

This piece will look perfect strung together with your favorite celestial charms.

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