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Graduated Curb Link 14K Gold And Diamond Earrings


These vintage curb link earrings are made of 14k gold and contain 24 single-cut diamonds. The curb links are small at the top of the earring and get bigger as they descend for a stylish, graduated look. Circa 1970, the earrings feature omega backs, which were popular for the time period.

The bottom four curb links contain single-cut diamonds that add sparkle to the dangling earrings. The diamonds are bead-set, meaning tiny pieces of gold were grabbed from the setting and pulled over the corners of the stones to carefully hold them in place. There are 24 diamonds total.

The diamonds are 1.25mm each, and the earrings contain .20 of a carat. The two earrings together weigh 10.3 grams. For pierced ears. They are 1 3/4 “ long. 

A matching bracelet is available through Kirsten’s Corner.

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