Kirsten's Corner

Gold Rush Era 22K & 14K Gold Nugget Bracelet


Six Gold Rush era gold nuggets are interspersed on a handmade Victorian chain. Each free form nuggets is different and add an organic nature to this fabulous piece. Mostly likely form the Californian or Alaskan gold rush a bracelet like this holds a piece of history of our pioneer days.

The bracelet is 7 3/4" long and has a nugget spaced at about every inch. The nugget have jump rings attached and become part of the chain by way of the loops.  The chain is 2.25 mm. The gold nuggets test to be 20K -22K gold with the chain and clasp being 14K. The bracelet weighs 14.25 grams.

 It's amazing to see gold in its natural state and to notice the poetic, organic dimensions when unaltered. Nuggets are formed as a consequence of the concentration of gold by free flowing water and time.

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