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Gold Filled Victorian Snake Bracelet with Garnet Ridge


This Victorian-era hinge bracelet consists of a gold filled snake that intertwines with itself to wrap around your wrist. Snake jewelry became popular in the Victorian era when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ruby and emerald encrusted snake engagement ring—which was shaped similarly to this gorgeous bangle bracelet. Snake imagery harkens back to the Garden of Eden and original sin, and the scrolling foliate design engraved on this snake’s body is reminiscent of a garden—so wearing this snake wrapped around your wrist might mean it’s always tempting you to seek out the fruits of knowledge.

There are 21 rose cut garnets set along the head of the snake and ridge of the tail. A deep and powerful stone, garnet adds beauty and mystery to the gorgeous engravings on the snake’s body. The intricate repoussé work was hand engraved by pounding the metal flat and then cutting out the details of the design. Two emerald eyes bring the snake to life.

The garnets range in size from 2mm to 3mm, and the emeralds are both 1.5mm. The thickest part of the bracelet has a width of 3/4” and the bottom of the bangle has a width of 1/4”. The bracelet is size 6.5.

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