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Gilt Silver Enameled Egg Locket with Hidden Cherub


In the style of a Fabergé egg, this adorable locket is decorated with an enamel two-tone leaf pattern. The leaves are an alternating plant-green and forest-green. The design appears to be a plant or flower, but the darker shades of green also make a cross. Around the border, there is a nice foliate design along the hinge that opens up the egg. Like all Fabergé eggs, the locket contains a hidden surprise. When the locket opens, a tiny cherub is revealed! Though he is very small, he has been crafted with intricate detail—the extent of which can be seen when the piece is looked at under a loop. The cherub even holds a little heart out in front of him, as if offering it to the wearer. He is suspended from a piece of gold chain, which makes him appear to fly. 

Circa the 1950’s, this piece is unmarked. The craftsmanship of this piece is incredibly well done; from the enamel to the foliate border and tiny cherub . The egg is approximately 1/2” x 3/4” with a 6 mm round bail. It weighs 6 grams.  It acid tests to be silver gilt. 

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