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Georgian Sterling Silver Pemberton Vinaigrette


A lovely Samuel Pemberton rectangular vinaigrette made in sterling silver circa 1811. The rectangular vinaigrette makes a great personal pill box, or personal cade. It can also be used as a vinaigrette, to hold a personal scent, or some dried flowers, or herbs. During the early 19th century, the vinaigrette was an essential fashion accessory containing a personal scent, usually soaking on a small portable sponge.

The canted corners of the box are a nice touch. The chased linear decor on both sides of the vinaigrette are a minimal and elegant decorative touch. The vinaigrette measures 1 5/8"w x 1 1/8"d x 3/8"h. The grille has a gold gilt wash. Under, there are standard silver marks for Birmingham, England, and a date mark for 1811. The grille itself is really quite spectacular and contrasts with the minimal face of the vinaigrette. The grille features a highly ornate and detailed crossed quivers and arrows motif; the grille is remarkably pierced and engraved. The vinaigrette weighs 16 grams. This antique is in great condition making a wonderful gift, and a great addition to any sterling silver collection.

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