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Georgian Revival Ruby, Emerald, and Pearl Giardinetti Earrings


These beautiful sterling silver and 18k gold earrings are styled after the Giardinetti jewelry that was popular during the Georgian era. Giardinetti, meaning “Little Garden” in Italian, originated in the 17th century and was popular throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. Giardinetti designs featured floral themes such as bouquets and wreaths, similar to those seen in these Georgian Revival earrings. The table cut rubies and emeralds in the earrings are collet set in sterling silver, laid out to resemble two red flowers connected to a stem with green leaves. A lovely baroque pearl dangles from the bottom of each earring. The earrings have graceful movement when worn, and their length makes for an elegant dangle. 

The earrings test as sterling silver, and the wire tests as 18k yellow gold. They are unmarked. In total, there are two table cut natural rubies, four table cut natural emeralds, and two pearls. Because of the collet setting we are not able to estimate the carat weight, but can only give measurements of the stones. The square/rectangle rubies are approximately 5.1 x 4.7 mm each. The triangular ruby is approximately 5.3 x 5.3 mm. The emeralds are approximately 3 mm each. The baroque pearls are 6.8 mm at their widest point. 

Combined, the earrings weigh 14.7 grams. Each earring has a 2” dangle (the sterling silver portion is  1 9/16”). 

For pierced ears. 

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