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18K Gold Ring with Rivière Diamond Cluster


A beautiful diamond cluster ring, made of 17 rose cut diamonds against a foil back, with collet setting of sterling silver on a 18 karat yellow gold ornate band. This ring is remarkable piece of Georgian revival jewelry, made between the 1930s and 1940s. The glimmering bouquet of gems are arranged in this way to form what epitomized the fashion of the Georgian era- the Rivière- a river of light, a flooding of pure, glowing diamonds.

The ring measures 1 inch by 1/2 and inch and is a size 9. The central rose cut diamond measures 4mm. Around this collet set center gemstone are 10 tiny detail diamonds which encircle it. These are 1.5mm each. At the top and the bottom of this circle of diamonds is another cluster, at 2mm each. The band of the ring is decorated with a repeating leaf motif and what is most striking is this ornamentation on the gold continues around the diamonds and under them. On the gold, under the ring, a floral motif is revealed to us when the ring is taken off. The ring features elements of Romanticism, love of lavish evening dress and exuberance, all indicative of this era. A wonderful ring to own and wear!

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