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Georgian Pinchbeck Muff Chain Necklace with Original Clasp


18K gold plated gorgeous long pinchbeck rope-like link necklace with an elegant original clasp at end. Pinchbeck is a rare metal alloy that was once used for jewelry making. It's beautiful yellow gold color, and its affordability made it the most ideal "stagecoach" jewelry. It was worn to decorate the body in an inexpensive manner, particularly on a long coach ride where one might succumb to being robbed by bandits or highwaymen. Pinchbeck jewelry was made of copper and zinc, which took on a bright yellow color that did not ever fade, unlike many other gold substitutes. Pinchbeck was invented by Christopher Pinchbeck, a London clockmaker in the 18th Century. His metal alloy became so popular that many pieces of jewelry were claimed to be pinchbeck, but these were not. Pinchbeck is a rare material, and today is highly collectible. It makes a great addition to any jewelry collection.

The necklace measures 34 inches long. It weighs approximately 39 grams. Gorgeous links with subtle ribbed pattern create an overall hypnotic texture. The necklace can be worn around the neck twice as a choker or once for dramatic length.  This metal alloy doesn't oxide making pinchbeck a really rare material- a wonderful jewel with beauty and history.

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