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Georgian Fob Gold Cased with Carved Carnelian


This unique antique was originally a watch fob piece but can now double as a fashionable pendant! This Georgian piece is made out metal that has been gold cased, and carnelian. The rich and vibrant carnelian is engraved with a shield and the initials of GF. Around the shield are laurel leaves. The shield is beautifully carved with great detail and the carnelian has no chips to it. The gemstone is in great condition. The almost square carnelian with round edges measures to be approximately 1/2 inch in size. The carnelian piece is fitted into a gold cased fob setting that is ornate, but slightly faded. This wear gives it a nice antique touch, making this an even more nostalgic piece. This piece weighs approximately 6.6 grams.

Traditionally, during the Georgian era, fobs were worn by gentlemen as a sign of status and elegance. This antique makes an eye-catching and fashionable pendant––the generous bale makes it easy to slip on the chain of your choice!

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