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Georgian Extra Large Gold-Cased Spinner Fob


This impressive Georgian fob has three unique panels, and is built in a way that allows the fob to rotate, revealing the ornate details of each panel as the fob spins. One panel contains a sculptural still life behind a bezeled crystal pane, like a picture window. The image is of a floral bouquet in an a low vase, done in a multi-color gold with washes of green, rose, and blackened gold. The next panel is a foil-backed citrine with layers of sparkle, emphasizing the regal quality of the piece. The final image contains a brown and white banded agate with the letter M carved into it. 

The true beauty of this piece lies in both its age and its workmanship. Circa 1820-1840, the piece is almost 200 years old and expresses all the bells and whistles of Georgian jewelry. It is handmade with incredible skill. The spinning fob is held in place by a small screw that is incorporated into a hand-engraved flower. Every surface of the piece is engraved: a scrolling foliate motif is topped with a pinecone and acanthus leaves. No detail was spared in this beautiful design. 

As is common with Georgian fobs, it is gold-cased in a low karat gold over a base metal. The fob weighs 39.9 grams. It is 2 1/4” x 1 1/2”. The citrine measures 13/16” x 3/4”. The fob’s opening can accommodate a 5.5 mm chain. 

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