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Georgian Revival 14K and Sterling Silver Ring with Diamonds


This exquisite ring is a Georgian Revival sterling silver diamond flower top, with a custom made 14 karat yellow gold band. The sterling silver flower is approximately 7/8 x 1-1/4 inches and is made of a central table cut (flat top) collet set ring, with orbiting rose cut diamonds, also collet set and individually placed with excellent craftsmanship. The four delicately arranged orbiting diamonds set against the sterling silver really illuminate the central cluster, made of a larger diamond approximately 4 x 5 mm and smaller two 1.5 mm diamonds, above and below. Around this cluster is an oval pattern with etched lines that enhance the gold highlights on the silver. The design of this ring is truly sublime, with hand-made details that are unique to this signature piece. The flower top design is equally beautiful on its underside as well.

The band is a nice addition, as it has been custom made to fit this Georgian Revival component, integrating the beautiful feminine patterning and the balanced composition of the flower top. The band is split into two, allowing for better fitting on the ring finger. At either end of the band where it splits is a tiny diamond gemstone, adding a lovely and complimentary detail to the piece. The flower component part of the ring bears a hallmark for silver that is Austro Hungarian dating it between 1902-1930.

The ring is in excellent condition. It is a size 7 and can be easily re-sized by a jeweler. It is a fine piece of historical jewelry combined with a new and one-of a kind band to create a rare collector's item.

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