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Georgian Collet Set Citrine Pendant in 12k Gold


Circa 1820, this beautiful citrine stone has a large flat table with faceted rectangular edges and rounded corners. In an early Georgian setting, the large facets shimmer and allow you to see reflections that create clean lines reminiscent of sunlight. The collet setting is an elegant pairing for the stone, as it subtly brings a leaflike pattern into the gold in careful placement that compliments the sparkling lines of the citrine. A stunning example of the elegance of the Georgian era. 

The stone measures 13 x 9 x 3 mm. It is cushion cut and 2.5 carats. The pendant weighs 2.05 grams. It has a circular bail that is 6mm across. 

A pendant that can be stacked, but that also looks gorgeous worn alone on a chain. 

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