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Georgian 19K Gold Undulating Snake Fob with Crown Motif Intaglio


Circa 1800, this incredible Georgian fob is an antique treasure over two centuries old. The three-sided triangular fob is made of banded agate carved with a five-point crown used as a wax seal. The agate is a hue of deep, earthy red marbled with intricate streaks of purple, grey, and black. The fob connects to a 19k gold snake motif that undulates in a looped design. The viney snakes are carved with a foliate motif that extends into a bail; on the opposite end, the snakes appear to have tiny heads where the snakes connect to the agate. The high karat gold has a stunning glow that contrasts against the red stone, which still spins on the fob! 

The fob weighs 3.3 grams. It measures 1 5/16” x 3/4”. Unmarked and acid tests as 19k gold. There are some small chips in the agate, appropriate for a piece of this age. 

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