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Georgian 18K Gold Sequilé Diamond Earrings from Portugal


Emblematic of Portuguese jewelry, these Georgian sequilé earrings are completely handmade from 18k gold, circa 1780-1820. Beautiful table and rose cut diamonds are encapsulated in gold, their tips peaking out of windows in the gold in a way that catches the light and adds a lovely, mysterious element to the earrings. The earrings are lacy and elegant, with a nice movement as they dangle from the ears. Sequilé is an openwork Portuguese jewelry design of mobile drops carved with scalloped and foliate motifs, and often accentuated with rose and table cut diamonds. Dating back to the Georgian era, the sequilé design was so popular that it is often emulated in contemporary Portuguese jewelry today—though nothing compares to original antique gems such as these! 

Each earring has nine antique diamonds, delicately encased and adding a glimmer of sparkle. The diamonds are an assortment of rose cut and table cut, each unique. There are five larger diamonds, with four tinier diamonds dotting the edges of the design. The earring wire comes through the back of the ear, creating a very secure hinge in the front that is incorporated into the design. 

Combined, the earrings weigh 5.7 grams. They measure 1 5/16” x 11/16” and acid test as 18k gold. 

For pierced ears.

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