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Georgian 15K Gold Seed Pearl Mourning Ring with Blue Enamel


This is an incredible 15k gold, seed pearl, cobalt blue enamel, and hair mourning ring from the Georgian era. Hair jewelry became a fashionable mourning practice in the 19th Century. It was a way to hold a piece of the departed love one close and the plait of hair serves as a sweet memory. 

This is a wonderful example of Georgian-era jewelry, as Georgian jewelry is known for its ornate metal work. Due to the age of the pieces and the fact that all jewelry during this period was handcrafted, authentic Georgian jewelry is quite rare. Because gold assaying was not enforced until the 1900’s, authentic Georgian jewelry does not showcase maker’s marks, letter dates, or city stamps. This piece fits all the criteria of an authentic Georgian piece of jewelry and is in excellent condition.

This ring has a beautiful band that contains cut lines that cradle the face of the ring. The face of the ring is approximately 15.65 mm by 11.55 mm. There are bead set seed pearls on the outside of the rich blue enamel. Because of the age of the piece it is almost certain the pearls are natural as the are well match and all appear original. The blue enamel is in perfect condition and has a lovely hue. At the center of the ring is a piece of beautifully braided hair secured under glass. On the other side of the ring is the engraving “Mary Hedd / died 3 April / 1802 / Aged 86”. This piece weighs 3.35 grams. The ring is a size 7.25

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