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French Plique-à-Jour 18K Gold Stained Glass Pendant


When held up to the light, this beautiful 18k gold plique-à-jour pendant glows like a stained glass window. To create this effect, five colors of transparent enamel are suspended between 18k gold backless cells to allow light to shine through and illuminate the piece with vibrant colors. The enamel is shaped into a pretty, floral mandala with blue and green petals and a red backdrop. “Plique-à-jour” translates from French as “braid letting in daylight” and is a charming technique used in French jewelry throughout the 20th century. The border of the pendant consists of beautiful twisted wirework that compliments the luminous colors of the enamel. 

Circa 1920’s France, this piece is in excellent condition. The Bigorne maker’s mark can be found on the pendant’s bail. This is a large pendant that looks beautiful worn on a chain around the neck. It measures just over 1 1/4” (1 1/2” including the bail) and weighs 6.27 grams.

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