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French 950 Silver Engine Turned or Pill Box

A lovely French engine turned 950 silver snuff box, decorated with a geometric pattern all around that is nature inspired. The snuff box makes a great portable box for personal items or jewelry. The organic curved edges of the box are really spectacular, subtle and elegant. The soft edges of the box complement the more hard lines of the repeated pattern. The silver marks on the interior lip of the box where it closes are French silver marks, composed of a Minerva (export mark), a Boar's head (for the guarantee), and a 950% mark, meaning the snuff box is better quality that sterling silver. The purer the silver is, the more soft it is; this piece is really tactile and has a nice polish to it. Large enough to hold more than one pill, this little snuff box could be used as a pill box. It stays shut perfectly, and is in great condition considering it's age. The kind of engine turned work and the design dates this piece to the Edwardian period, or mid 19th Century. The box measures 2 1/2 by 1-1/4 by 1/2 inch. This antique makes a wonderful gift, for someone who appreciates beautiful silver-work.

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