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Etruscan Revival 14K Gold Orb with Cannetille Work


This Victorian era pendant features cannetille work, delicately crafted by hand in the style of Etruscan Revival design. At the top and bottom of the sphere, the wirework takes on the shape of seven circles, which combine into a floral motif accentuated by an adorable tiny ball. The center of the sphere is bisected with a twisted wire, and wavelike half-circles playfully create a pattern across the charm. The cannetille wirework is all hand done, a labor intensive process that requires impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Etruscan Revival jewelry has a rich and interesting history. In the early 1800s there was a large excavation of Etruscan tombs outside of Rome. Within these tombs were pieces of original Etruscan jewelry. The Etruscans were master artisans, they created breathtaking pieces of jewelry through their use of gold wirework and granulation, colored gemstones and glass. The news of the excavation of these tombs, and the treasures contained inside them, spread throughout Europe. Etruscan style jewelry captured the imagination of the public and soon jewelers were intrigued by the designs. Etruscan Revival jewelry rose to popularity with the people of the Victorian era. Inspired by the Etruscans, jewelers implemented the use of wirework, beading, filigree and granulation.

The sphere has an ample bail, 5.5mm x 8mm, allowing it to be worn on a thicker chain. This beautiful orb looks perfect alone or stacked with other charms.

The piece weighs 3.2 grams, and the sphere is approximately a half of an inch across.

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