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Etruscan Revival 14K Gold Bracelet with Diamonds


This is a stunning Etruscan Revival bracelet in 14k gold with diamonds and exquisite gold detailing. It features a bypass design with decorative lines of beaded gold granulation that lead up to a crossed shaped shadow box. Inside are bezel set diamonds surrounded by black enamel, giving the appearance that the diamonds are floating. There is a floral motif element on the inside of both shadowboxes. 

The diamonds are bright and lively. They are European cut, bezel set, and each measure 3 mm with a combined total carat weight of .22. The bracelet weighs 19.3 grams and is a little smaller than 6 1/2 “ in circumference. There is one small dent on the side and is otherwise in excellent condition. It's a solid hollow design and has a safety chain and marked clasp that reads “DeEs’ and “14k”.

This piece is part of the Etruscan Revival period in jewelry design, dating to the 1860s-80s. In the early 1800s there was a large excavation of Etruscan tombs outside of Rome. Within these tombs were pieces of original Etruscan jewelry. The Etruscans were master artisans, they created breathtaking pieces of jewelry through their use of gold wire and beading. The news of the excavation of these tombs, and the treasures contained inside them, spread throughout Europe. Etruscan Revival jewelry quickly rose to popularity with the people during the Victorian Era and jewelers created their own versions of these ancient pieces.

This bracelet is a true work of art and would make an excellent new addition to your jewelry collection.

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