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Egyptian Revival Turquoise & Coral, Scarab Silver Bracelet

Gorgeous Egyptian Revival bracelet with coral and turquoise details and a scarab center piece. The bracelet is beautifully hand-made with a 1/2 an inch by 1 1/4 inch high relief scarab made from red jasper. The scarab in ancient Egyptian cultures symbolized good luck. The scarab is also the symbol of the god Khepera, who rolled the ball of the sun across the sky to "rebirth" every morning, represented resurrection and life. The hand carved stone scarab is set into the silver bracelet; at either side of this piece, on the silver is a low relief image of the winged scarab. The decoration on the silver continues from the center wings, outwards, and similar patterns and line work repeat. This ornamentation adds a nice touch to the geometric design of the bracelet and its scale like construction. The loops on the back of the bracelet expose the handmade elements of the bracelet and the stunning silver work. On the back of the bracelet you can also see the base of the scarab and traces of a pattern on the stone that lead me to believe this piece is quite old. The mix of organic bezel set stones among the etched lines on the silver make this piece a stunning piece of craftsmanship. The bracelet feels great when worn, both elegant and unique. It has a nice faded gold gilt wash over the 50% silver, which is nice and subtle. The Egyptian Revival style flourished in the 1920's and is generally attributed to the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb. There are 8 turquoise stones set in an alternating pattern with six red coral stones. Each 1/4 inch stone is circular and bezel set, sometimes irregular, again showing the beautiful handmade work on this bracelet. Measures 8 inches long, a good size for a bracelet that fits on a medium wrist to large wrist. Closes with a nice box hinge. A truly special bracelet.

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