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Edwardian Sterling Silver Eight-Pointed Star Medal/ Award Pendant


Made in England circa 1910, this sterling silver eight-pointed star medallion was most likely originally a medal or award. At its center is a circular blank cartouche that is perfect for adding a personal engraving. Radiating out from the circle are two four-pointed stars, stacked to create an eight-point star. With the layers of the star is a wreath, denoting victory. The leaves of the wreath are well-rendered with tight detail and elegant texture. At the bottom of the wreath there is a flower—the medallion is has a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine elements. 

The medallion hangs from a large round bail with a 1/2” opening. It has excellent presence on the neck and provides great balance to a thicker chain. 

The medallion weighs 20.5 grams. It is 1 3/4” wide and 2 1/2” from top to bottom, including the bail. The back of the pendant contains the initials W.J.D. and the smaller ring contains the marks for 1910 and England. 

A unique piece—rich in detail and graphic in design. 

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