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14K Edwardian Era Festoon Moonstone & Amethyst Necklace

This gorgeous festoon necklace has a soft and feminine arrangement of gemstones as curves. The 17 inch necklace is made of 14 karat yellow gold that has been acid tested. The necklace features a lovely selection of amethysts and moonstones, favorites from the Edwardian era. Feminine and romantic, this necklace drapes over the neck with swags of hand-made gold chain and four unique thin bezel set moonstones. Each of the settings for the gemstones found on this necklace has been individually crafted by hand. The chain and the setting have a soft and delicate look. Festoon necklaces like this one were popular during the Edwardian era, and moonstones were often paired with amethysts. Moonstones are milky, luminous and seductive, and were often a reference to the feminine and the moon. Moonstones are also considered a stone of strength and romance, and in the early Victorian language of symbolic love, the gemstone was a representation of romantic love. Paired with the purple colored amethyst, the dreamy gemstone of creativity and passion, this necklace is a fine example of Edwardian sentiments.
Five oval cabochon moonstones that are approximately 12mm in size, punctuated by six 3.8 mm amethysts, form the central part of the necklace. Dangling from these are the smaller tear drop-like moonstone cabochons that are 10.5 mm in size.
This necklace has been acid tested to 14 karat gold. It remains unmarked. Delicate and feminine, circa 1900.

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