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Edwardian 9K Gold & Pearl Swallow Necklace with 14K Gold Chain


This is an Edwardian necklace with a masterfully crafted 9k gold and pearl swallow centerpiece. It's a Signature bar-pin conversion that's been tastefully attached to a 14k gold chain. The sparrow centerpiece has been carefully shaped to accommodate the 8 seed pearls that fill the contours of its body. It's surrounded by a gold circle and it bears the gift of a flower in its mouth. 

During the Victorian era, swallows were often used as a romantic gift to send a message of love. Because swallows mate for life, they were understood as a symbol of enduring love and loyalty. This wonderful tradition makes swallow jewelry a great gift to symbolize eternal love.

This necklace measures 16.5” from end to end and weighs 3.9 grams. The bar measures about 1 3/4” and the sparrow measures about 3/4” across. The back of the bar is marked “395” for 9k gold. It also has the markings for Chester, England, circa 1911. 

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