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Edwardian 14K Gold Rose de France Amethyst Bead Necklace


The hand faceted Rose de France amethyst beads in this 14k gold Edwardian necklace have stunning facets that catch the light like prisms. The center stone is a flattened teardrop-shaped briolette with elongated triangular facets. The round beads along the chain descend in size; each are hand faceted and subtly different in shape, like tulip bulbs. The stones are the pale purple that Rose de France is known for—a lighter colored amethyst with softer tones that are romantic and feminine. The amethyst beads are sandwiched between 14k gold wirework, held together by traditional French fancy links—narrow almond shaped links with intricate filigree work. Circa 1915, the lace like quality of this necklace is very elegant but also suggests a move towards the fashion sensibilities of the roaring twenties.

The natural amethyst stones vary in size. The briolette bead measures 27 x 16.3 mm. The 13 round beads range in size from 11.5 - 7.5 mm.

The necklace is 16” long. The central beads drop down 2.5”. The necklace weighs 19.75 grams. The piece is marked as 14k gold. Many of the features of this necklace suggest that this is a French piece.

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