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Edwardian 14K Gold Delicate Rope Chain with Tiny Blue Pearls


Circa the Edwardian era, this 14k gold rope chain is the epitome of a delicate and graceful dainty chain. The 14k gold loops were put together by hand to create a lovely spiral effect, with six freshwater seed pearls placed asymmetrically about the chain. The pearls are baroque in shape with a dominate blue cast. The placement of the pearls was thoughtful; when the chain is doubled or tripled, their location is stacked like raindrops. 

The chain was gently washed with soap and water, and still has a beautiful patina that brings out the depth of the chain. At almost 50 inches in length, this piece provides versatility, as it can be worn long, doubled, or tripled around the neck. 

The six freshwater pearls are capped on each end with 14k gold that holds them in place. They are baroque pearls, oblong in shape, each measuring approximately 3 x 2.4mm. 

Weight: 10 grams. 

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