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9K Gold Early Victorian English Enamel Portrait Ring


A lovely antique 9 karat gold English ring featuring an enamel miniature portrait painting of a young girl. The portrait in profile is painted on a silver medallion, which has some hand etched stippling work that contrasts nicely with the bold black enamel. The enamel on the face, pinkish skin tones and delicate details are very beautiful. The oval medallion portrait is approximately 5/8 x 3/8 of an inch. The portrait has been mounted on a mother of peal shell, which is another nice detail. The ring is a very high quality antique, made with much care and attention to detail, as is customary of late Georgian and early Victorian era jewelry. This ring dates to the early 19th century, circa 1850s.

This ring would make a superb gift. It is a fine example of sentimental Victorian jewelry, a gift that might have been given to indicate affection or romantic love. It is made for a ring size of 6-1/4 but can be easily re-sized. It is marked 9ct in the interior of the band. The ring does not come in the presentation box featured in the image, but we have many available through out store, at Kirsten's Corner.

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